Tandem Jumping is the quickest and safest way to enjoy your first skydiving experience. Securely attached to a United States Parachute Association licensed Tandem Instructor, all you have to do is relax, and have fun.

Upon arriving to the drop zone, you will meet your Tandem Instructor.  After watching a brief video explaining the paperwork you are required to fill out before making the jump, you are given a brief overview of what is required to make your skydive.  You will receive specific training on the equipment used, learn about the aerodynamics of arching your body in free fall, and learn how to assist flying the parachute with your instructor - and, of course, landing.  When it is your turn to jump, and after being suited up in a special harness designed to attach you to your tandem instructor and his skydiving parachute rig, you will climb aboard the plane and get ready for fun ! Once in flight, as you climb to over 9000 feet in the air, there is a short scenic tour around Lake George and the foothills of the Adirondack Mountain Range.  Upon reaching exit altitude, and having been attached and fit snugly to your instructor, a gear check is made, you then sit in the doorway (eeeeek) and leap from the plane together !!  As you start to free fall, you will accelerate to speeds of upwards of 120 mph !!  With just about a minute of freefall, you get to experience a rush of adrenaline like no other.  You're given the opportunity to pull the ripcord at the proper time - but don't worry, your instructor will do it, if necessary.  Once the parachute is deployed and your comfort is ensured, you will get to enjoy a 3 to 7  minute long canopy ride while soaking in the breathtaking views of the Adirondacks, Lake George, the Green Mountains, Saratoga Springs. and all of Western Vermont.  It is at this moment that you will truly understand why birds sing.  After a safe landing back on Mother Earth, you are once again free to walk among the mere mortals that dared not to brave such a daring and rewarding venture. With a First Jump Certificate in hand (as well as pictures and video as proof if you added those) you can live out the rest of you life knowing that YOU have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane ! 


Give the gift of flight!

Gift Certificate is good for a tandem skydive

value $260.00 (video package extra)

Located conveniently near Saratoga Springs, Lake George, Glens Falls, Bennington Vermont and surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains.

10915 Route 149 Fort Ann, NY 12827


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