Super Spring Special

It's time for us to FALL back into SPRING with an amazing deal,  so are you ready to...


A mere $300.00 in cold hard American dollars gets you a chance to experience the THRILL of FREE FALL AT 120 mph PLUS get VIDEO and PICTURES proving to everyone you dared take the plunge !!!

That's a savings of over $75.00 vs the "other guy"

Come see the most spectacular views in the entire Capital Region. EXPERIENCE the RUSH of adrenaline as you  plummet towards earth at over 120 mph and then soar through the skies under an open canopy  

If your looking for the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE why not book a scenic tour for after the jump in our GORGEOUS Robinson R44 Helicopter ! With flights starting at just $300.00 for one half hour and room enough to seat 3 adults you and your friends can be the envy of everyone !

 Split the cost of the tour for an ADDITIONAL SAVINGS

Mention this AD when calling to schedule your jumps. This rate applies to groups of all sizes.