Come Skydive the Best Views in NY. 


ADIRONDACK SKYDIVE is conveniently located between Saratoga Springs, Lake George & Bennington Vermont. Our professional staff pride themselves in having the best safety record in the area. We have maintained a 100% skydive SAFETY record since we started our TANDEM SKYDIVING school. All our staff members are certified through U.S.P.A. (United States Parachute Association) and United PARACHUTE Technologies, the manufacturers of the Vector/Sigma tandem skydiving system.  With  thousands of skydives worth of experience, multiple ratings including Static Line, Accelerated Free Fall. and U.S.P.A PRO cards for demonstration jumps. We have lessons for every level of skydiver including relative work, free flying, and offer instruction to help with your canopy skills.  Rigging services also available by our FAA Senior Certified rigger. Why not come and SKYDIVE with us today !


We use state of the art Vector/Sigma tandem skydiving rigs


New York's premiere skydiving center


Tandem jumping is about the EASIEST way to do that “FIRST JUMP”. After about 20 minutes of preparation and training, then fitted in the gear, you will climb aboard and ascend to altitude in our Cessna U206.  Wearing the harness and connected directly to your Tandem Instructor, you will jump together accelerating to over 120 MPH (200Kph), hurtling towards earth.

At about 4500 feet, we will open the parachute, and you can then assist us in steering the canopy during the 3-7 minute ride down. During that time you will have an epic birds-eye view of the ADIRONDACKS, LAKE GEORGE, GREEN MOUNTAINSs of Eastern VERMONT. and SARATOGA SPRINGS. You then land back at the drop-zone.

You can have your instructor video the skydive, and take still pictures, including ‘candid’ interviews of you with shots of the scenic vistas, producing a professional quality recording of your experience, all uploaded to a USB flash drive, ready to share with your family and friends !

Heli jumps and scenic tours available 7 days a week!

Heli jumps and scenic tours available 7 days a week!

Helicopter Skydive & Tours

We have a full time Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter skydiving as well as scenic tours.  Our helicopter provides our customers a luxurious cabin, each with a bubble window for expanded view of the scenery.  Cabin heat and outside air vents assure comfort while in the air.  Headsets provide a quiet ride and easy communication with the pilot.  Regulations allow us to fly much lower and slower over the mountains and lakes to give you a perspective you can’t get anywhere else, while the 150 MPH cruise of the R44 allows quick and economical transportation. 

Whether you want to take a 2 hour ride around the Adirondacks with a loved one or just a quick look around Lake George or Southern Vermont's Green Mountain Region. We have the ability to entertain the non-skydivers as well as the adrenaline junkies!